The moment a baby is conceived and the news is told to those who matter, one would imagine, that all the love and words of congratulations would flow from the woman her partner to other.

The thought of the baby now growing inside the womb of this woman, who now will soon become a mother, knowing this bundle of joy will depend on her for life itself. Is such an overwhelming feeling. The mind runs wild as she thinks of who this baby will look like, what traits will this baby have.

She knows now she must sacrifice many things, so this new little person inside of her, will have all that she desires for her new born child. The pregnant woman touches her body, her hands roll down her now slim waist to her belly which now protrudes a small bulge where the un born baby dwells.

This pregnant woman now dreams at night, she lives within her new found self, she talks to the man that made love to her. She wants to know that he has the same mind of joy and happiness. Could this be the start of a family a unit that stays together, breaths together, thinks and dreams together.

So each day, each night, they stay together dreaming and talking of a new bright and wonderful life. A new baby growing inside as the weeks pass the embryo grows bit by bit its a living miracle how it grow.

Then late one night the pregnant woman groans she feels a foot or elbow or is it toes or little fingers pointing so. She waits a while, then slowly they slide down then kick with a sudden pound, then that's it.

The joy, the planning, the shopping, then the people gathering talk, smiles, then joking and then the baby showers, gifts clothes, toys, as such and the little one inside is still growing and growing.

Till one day the waters break, big pains starts, time now to count ten minutes apart. The bags are packed, ready to go, to the hospital bed. Times now ready, bear down and wait with your mate, the babies coming just you wait.

Boy, girl it does not matter. Outside everybody's waiting. Phones are ringing, everyone is texting. Awaiting and hoping for the little joy of life, the hours pass, with anticipation then at last. We all hear the first born cry.

The joy is spread, and the laughter roars, the cigars are passed out with joy. Everyone sighs, how small and tiny this little one cry. How sweet how cute, can one little baby be.

The first three years is the most important years in a child's development, they actually learn more in this time, virtually determining the child's make up as an individual.

It's meant to be a bonding and learning time growing tenderly and innocently. United with parents and siblings in a healthy home environment. A safe place full of nurturing, love, protection, care and happiness. It's were a small child learns trust and not fear. How we long to give our children a good positive start to life.

Unfortunately we live in a world of fear. So many people everywhere and things to be aware of. Because deception awaits at every corner. Thieves gangster perpetrators, It can be so frightful. Let alone for any small child.

Yes, we dream of life of complete happiness for our sweet child, one of giggles and laughter and not of tears. O maybe one or two from a scratch on the knee after falling from a tree. But not to distressed that a tear can't be cleared by a loving hug and a gentle kiss on the cheek.

And of a night when all is done, we take them quietly and softly to bed. We read them a small book or maybe a passage just to comfort them. Then quietly we tuck them into their beds as snog as a bug, we then turn out the light and pray gently and softly for them to sleep tight. And hope that they will grow up all right.

For this is what parents do during this faze of child's life, hoping forever they are protected and have a blessed life.

Our little baby is no more, they have grown so much and will even more. As a parent we feel we have done our best, but we still struggle for the final test.

They are off to school now, and interacting is swell, as they meet new and exciting friends. The teachers are many, some strict and some sweet, our child likes to give them an apple to eat. Now o how our little child has learned so much, even from those other kids. it's a struggle to keep on top, so they are not lead astray as some may want.

Our A, B, Cs and then count to I. 2. 3. Our child is learning can't you see. As parents we dream of what they might end up to be. Some say that they hope they don't grow up to be like me.

I dream for my child to live happily to have and to hold and never to leave. I'm so proud of how, from that little bump in my belly how it grew and grew dependent solely on me. And now from a healthy baby to a full grown child learning to count and speak fluently.

I trust and believe that all parents want the best for that little bundle in their belly, to love and to hold and never to leave. And I surly don't trust no government to take hold of my child and leave and to be their trustee.

Because when I look back I can't see my mother my father brother or sister all I can see is those so called trustee' they took me away when I was three.