These are photos Taken 2005 on one of my many trips to Hay when Bonney shared her film "Asylum" based on histories of institutions, to the local community. She also spoke about the emotional impact it had on the child, she then passed the microphone' to one of our three Hay girls present on the day. Unfortunately this woman was too over-whelmed with memories to express herself at the time. Standing in the hall of the gaol complex was just too much for her, because it was just never done when we were teenagers; I didn't stand-up to take over simply because it was a drooling moment of expression to everyone in that hall on the day, it was actually important for the audience to take in and understand how the rules and regulations the military march the bashings the harsh treatment had on the Hay Girls.

There are not many survivors alive today or are capable to tell their stories because of the emotional and psychological damage, from being brain washed and having ones civil-liberties taken away, as well as the damage to the physical well-being it had on a young teenager's body. Leaving many with serious illnesses and problem in later life, presenting an over-crowding of our hospitals, the mental health systems, and correctional centers today leaving many institutionalized still to this day, and sadly there are many also still depending on the same welfare system that failed them as children.

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