• The Life of Riley

    In 1958, when I was three years old, I was taken from my family to the children's court and made a State Ward. I was placed at Bidura Depot, in Glebe, completely separated from my brothers and sister. I felt isolated, frightened and abandoned for what seemed a lifetime
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  • Hay Girls Institution

    The first rule was eyes down — from that moment on I was to keep my eyes down; I was not to look at an officer or another girl - The maximum number of girls held at any time was 10, with 5-6 officers on duty at all times. Under a system outlawed in NSW in the late 19th century for adults prisoners called the 'silent system' Read More
  • Parramatta Girls / Eyes To The Floor

    The inmates of The Girls Training School, Parramatta had about as hard an upbringing as you can get in Australia. But theirs is also one of the great untold stories of making good in tough times. Read More
  • Parramatta Female Factory

    The first female factory was above the Parramatta Gaol, in what is now Prince Alfred Park (formerly known as Gaol Green and Hanging Green) This two story building was commissioned by Governor King and the convict women moved in in 1804..
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  • Parramatta Girls Training School Reunion

    Letting the truth out. Aboriginal Women's Reunion 2013 - The Parramatta Girls Home was a state-controlled child welfare institution, it was advertised as a warm and nurturing place to help girls who had been exposed to “moral danger”.RokSprocket is a content display extension with numerous layouts.
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  • Gili Awards

    I started doing a course in 2011 first to support my daughter Amy to get back into studies. She was particularly interested in doing an aboriginal course in tourism and guiding. For me personally to achieve this award says you are never to old to learn. .
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  • NSW Apology

    NSW Premier Nathan Reese has said sorry for the "years of pain and grief" caused to mothers and to their children who were removed in past forced adoptions."On behalf of the NSW Labor opposition I rise to join with the government to say clearly and unequivocally to all those affected by the policy of forced adoption, we are sorry." Read More
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